Monday, December 27, 2010

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The Ten Commandments of Zitella

But I say, in six months of honorable activities ... YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING?
I'm not talking about me and my private life (which, there is little private when you have a blog) ... but of 'Pride Zitello !

How do I have to say that Zitella status is not a civil, not a Facebook status ...
maid and who Zitella feels! You may feel
Zitelle acidity even after 15 years of marriage and two children also living with the man who board or the Man with Children, also newlyweds and even single! But listen, and thus be Zitelle is not a condition that depends on the presence (or absence) of another person in our lives!

Yes, I am a spinster Acid.
And you too, bunch of snakes that I followed you are. And I know that a small percentage of you are single and have many girlfriends but, together or married.
This will not prevent you to be in agreement with what I write and certainly will not prevent me to write! Because there is

Foundation Pride Zitello ? Why be Zitelle E ' actually pride. I
before Zitelle between the Old Maids, are proud to be who I am. For better or for worse.
I, I am what I am, this cluster of moralism and presumption applies regardless of the person that I walk or I will walk next door.

So do not be jealous friends, I am and remain Zitella, just like you. Whatever happens I will not change. I will not change character will change much less name!
Indeed, if they are not changed with everything that has happened to me yet, trust that I will not change soon.
friends I realized that I especially when you spend a lot of time alone will reach the threshold of self-sufficiency unimaginable by those who are accustomed to being engaged. Unimaginable even to the same men, and that is why often it is hard to make room in my heart and when someone comes in the drawers.

I just want to specify that it is women regardless of the comrades who have and we .
We are what we are: bitches, sour, moralistic, bad, pretentious, Kindergartens, advisor, accomplices, sweet, introverted, excited, shy, saints and whores.
We can be all of morality can be with her friends and mother with her boyfriend. We can be enthusiastic with Mum and bad with the ladies. We can be bitches and whores ... with her boyfriend with her lover!
In short, what I have always malsopportato design is always benevolent or positive man who has single, bachelor or better , in opposition to the increasingly negative view that is attributed to the single woman .
I'm here to feed the ego of women who feel that without That one can miss them something.
I do not want you girls maimed for something you feel when you are like me forced to go to a wedding without an escort and that you will find yourself not even rent one. I do not want any of you to spend a holiday like this , I do not want you change your phone / pc / subscription because you do not have a man who advises you.

We can be happy women, self-sufficient and autonomous even without the presence of dirty socks scattered around the house, no smelly gym bags in the dining room, with no beard that underpin the bathroom sink.
But the nice thing is that we can be happy even with dirty socks scattered around the house (you want to put the satisfactions to let them gather?), Even with the bag in the gym room (you would like to make him pick up and empty the laundry?) And also propped up the sink with a beard (you would like to teach him how to use the Bref?).
lucky ones, which are known to adapt to good and bad of what life puts in front of the door we We .
And here, among the most assiduous commentator, there is one that has even given birth to a creature alone. Growing alone. And there is no hurry to be considered 'Almost official engagement', at least for me, because it seems to me that even as a single mother if she is getting on great. Of course, the children should be raised with both parents, but men (and women) have free will, and if that does not correspond with him to her ... what has he won the uterus . On the other hand, If Mother Nature is female, there is a reason.

Be then Zitelle , and make me proud of you.

And if you happen to forget my words print out this simple handbook:

1. Spinster, there is no more important than you. Or maybe yes, but your family (but may be waived);
2. Do not give anyone your dignity and remember 'I am My ';
3. Remember to always celebrate the holidays with a new suit
4. Honor thy Father and Mother Coco Yvo;
5. Thou shalt not kill. Unless you have stolen the last balance in size from under the nose;
6. Commit adultery but not pass slut ;
7. Do not steal anything that you can afford: remember that there are sales, sample sales and factory outlets;
8. Do not deny the obvious, leave this despicable practice to men ;
9. Do not want the other man. But if it is not your friend, go ahead. But want it limited to and not take it ;
10. Not covet the property of others, unless you can afford. In this case, make sure you get it (but see the Seventh Commandment).

I hope I've made it clear enough so that, regardless of whether or not I can be together, and I'll stay (your) Acid spinster.

For Little Man I have already said in these pages has spoken of him, obviously you're not careful!
Remember this summer when I spoke of a mythical dinner? That dinner was postponed and postponed and postponed again until you get sent in October? What we are talking about here , here and here. What
. He is Little Man. Or Ken.
Yes, because he has read the post 'No Ken No Man' and gave me Ken in Saint Lucia.
Then at Christmas he gave me Lanvin. No

say but you realize what you have forced me to do? And yes, if you're wondering he reads the blog.


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